Miss Belize World Chantae Guy To Ecuador


Chantae Guy at Continente Americano Pageant in Ecuador.

Chantae Chanice Guy recently represented our country at the Miss World 2012 pageant where she made history by becoming the first Belizean delegate to place in the top ten in the Top Model preliminary challenge.

Now she sets her sights on Ecuador for a new pageant – Miss Continente Americano 2012. She has been modeling for the past four years and is currently a student at the University of Belize majoring in Mathematics.

A press release issued by Leilah Pandy’s LAPEL Model organization says that “It is our intention for Chantae to represent her country at the Miss Continente Americano 2012 pageant in September in the beautiful country of Ecuador.

“We ask for your contribution and sponsorship to assist us to send Chantae well-prepared with all that is needed for her to travel and compete in Ecuador.

“Chantae will leave on September 11, 2012 and will take part in the pageant during the final two weeks of September. The competition seeks to integrate the cultures of the American nations and to promote cultural tourism in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

“The Leilah Pandy Enterprises Pageantry & ModeLLing Agency (the LPELL Agency) is a company promoting the fusion of culture, fashion, creativity and Belizean talent. The Agency specialises in training delegates for local and international pageants and in coaching models for runway shows and modeling jobs for print and commercials.”

LAPEL can be contacted at 001 832 312 8612



Chantae in Ordoz China with Miss Colombia, Miss Curacao and Miss Barbados


Chantae tours the scenic Escobar Hacienda in Ecuador’s Chongon province.

To enjoy the natural beauty of Ecuador  the candidates to Miss Continente Americano spent the morning at the hacienda of the Escobar family, in Chongón province.

The Queens of America were enjoyed with typical Ecuadorian dishes such as fish with onions, shrimp ceviche  and roast pork. They were later  serenaded by well-known singer Nayyib Salazar Scaff.

The 21 Candidates enjoyed the attractions of the Hacienda and local media used the opportunity to take photographs of the beauty queens in the surrounding lake environment.

The official contestants of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth winners or finalists in their respective nations vie for the Crown to select the most beautiful in America, with the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador as the venue.


Chantae in one of her final appearances just before the pageant in Ecuador.

This event was broadcast live 29 September by international media networks: Antenna Latina Dominican Republic; Telecorporación Salvadoreña El Salvador; Teleprogreso Honduras; Corporacion Medcom Panama; Bolivia Unitel; Channel 5 Great Belize Television; in time delay Channel 22 in Miami and Canal Del Orgullo Nicaraguense.

Among the invited personalities on the panel of judges was CNN journalist Fernando del Rincon who heads the central news in Spanish division and is also  an interviewer for political and international issues.


Brasil’s Camila Serakides Miss Continente Americano 2012

Chantae did a good showing at the Continente Americano Pageant but did not win. The coveted crown as the most beautiful woman on the American Continent went to Brazil’s Camila Serakides. Felicidades República Federativa do Brasil! Adelante Belice!

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