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Nude body of a female found in lagoon near Chan Chen, Corozal
Apr 22, 2014

Andrew Ramirez

There is breaking news. At around two pm this afternoon the body of a woman was found in a lagoon on the Chan Chen Road in the Corozal district. She has not been identified, but News Five has confirmed that there were signs of extreme violence on the body, which was found completely nude and one hand was severed. The investigation is still in a preliminary stage, but Police are asking residents from nearby Chan Chen and Patchakan to assist in the identification of the woman who is said to be in her twenties.

Via Phone: Supt. Andrew Ramirez, O.C., Corozal Police Formation

“Corozal Police can confirm that indeed a body was found about a mile out of Chan Chen Road heading towards Patchakan in the savannah area.”

Mike Rudon

“Sir, at this time, can you tell us anything else? Were there any signs of violence to the body? Has the person been identified? Anything like that?”

Via Phone: Supt. Andrew Ramirez

“Yes, we observed some injuries to the person’s body. Also we noted the right hand severed. As to what caused the hand to be severed is unknown at this time because the post mortem is yet to be conducted, but it is that of a female person.”

Mike Rudon

“Have you all managed to identify that person?”

Via Phone: Supt. Andrew Ramirez

“Not as yet Mike. As a matter of fact, we have an investigating team present in the area headed by Sergeant Canul trying to identify this person. However, we are asking the public if they have any information as to the identity of that individual, to please assist us so that we can contact the family for the proper burial.”

News Five will have more on this story in Wednesday’s newscast.

An elderly woman dies following what appears to be a home invasion
Apr 22, 2014

Myra Miller

The past Easter weekend had its share of traffic mishaps, robberies and murders. We start our newscast with a report on a sixty-eight year old Jamaican woman who died on Sunday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after she was found clinging to life at her house. The retiree lived in the small community of Boston on the Old Northern Highway, and was rushed to the hospital on the evening of Good Friday. The official account of the circumstances leading to Myra Miller’s death has not been provided, but her neighbours are convinced that the elderly woman was the victim of an attack in her home. Mike Rudon went to Boston this morning and has the story.


Mike Rudon, Reporting

Myra Miller lived alone in this house in Boston. A black bow on the gate now informs passersby of her death. She was found face-down in the middle bedroom at around five p.m. on Friday evening by her neighbours, the Cortez family. They say they checked on her regularly, since she was a diabetic. When she didn’t answer them that evening Victor Cortez went inside the home and found her there. He immediately suspected that she had been attacked.

Victor Cortez, Neighbour of Deceased

“When I saw Ms. Miller on the ground in a very awkward position, her legs was under the bed and face down on the cement floor. When I spotted the light on the left side of her head I saw wood, rotten wood across the head. I told my dad you know what Miss Miller got hit across the head. And I got contact to the Ladyville Police Station, then the officer came in and explained the matter, he said chairman we need to move this lady at once, it seems that she has been here definitely over twenty-four hours and we lifted her off the ground and we put her behind the police truck and we met the ambulance in Sandhill in front of the Guadalupe Primary School, that’s when the paramedics took her over.”

In the back yard of Miller’s house there are pieces of old wood. One piece was found inside the home. Because of the fragments found in Miller’s hair, Cortez believes she was hit with it. They believe her attacker gained entry through this window, pried open with a cement block just underneath. When they found Miller she was near death, barely able to speak.

Victor Cortez

Victor Cortez

“Positively, I could say was there at least twenty-four hours because the scent that she was there in, she urinated herself, you could tell and just the state she was. She was conscious; when my dad found her first and he asked Miss Miller who did this to you. She said, the man, the man and she said that three times and that was it. She didn’t die there, she died on Sunday, so she was conscious all the way to the hospital and we did CAT scan and I was called back from the hospital to come in Sunday at about six-fifteen. I got a call and they said I need to come in because she doesn’t look good. By the time I reach they called it off at six forty-five.”

Cortez is the Chairman of Boston Village as well as the neighbour and friend of Myra Miller. He has taken her attack personally.

Victor Cortez

“I know Ms. Miller definitely over fifteen years. Miss Miller is a very religious lady; she is a seventh day Adventist. I could remember all the good bible arguments we would have and that smile, very friendly so the animal because that’s an animal who attacked this lady. To hurt a lady like this really words can’t express the feeling I would like to express myself to the fullest but I am talking to the media but it hurt, that’s all I could tell you Mike, it hurt bad. Ms Miller is a wonderful lady but I will do my best to let this one go down the drain but live.”

Miller lived in Belize alone. The community of Boston had adopted her as one of their own. Mike Rudon for News Five.

The Police report states that a DVD player was missing from Miller’s home. Unofficial Police sources tell us that it has been located in another house in the community. The post mortem examination of Myra Miller will be conducted on Wednesday. 

Belizean is murdered in Melchor de Mencos
Apr 22, 2014

Edwin Chan

The second murder of the weekend happened in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. The body of young Benque Viejo resident Edwin Chan was found in a remote area early Saturday morning by Guatemalan Police, who were alerted by residents. Chan had been badly beaten and shot to the head. Benque Police have been forced to rely on their counterparts for information, since they cannot enter that jurisdiction to investigate. This afternoon officer commanding the Benque Viejo Police Formation Dinsdale Thompson told News Five that robbery has been ruled out, but that is as far as the investigation has gone.


Via Phone: Dinsdale Thompson, O.C., Benque Viejo Police Formation

Dinsdale Thompson

“Having contacted our Guatemalan counterparts confirms that indeed a Belizean a resident of Benque Viejo town by the name of Edwin Chan, twenty-two year old who was killed in Guatemala. So far through our counterparts who we have contacted they have told us that yes the individual have received gunshot wounds to the left side of his head and what appears to his face as if though he was being beaten with some type of sharp object, some sort of blunt pointed object. He was found Saturday morning sometime around eight a.m. Saturday morning and that is in a more remote area in the Melchor area not too far from a hotel and a bar in that area, that specific area. I am not sure about the name, however, it is more on the outskirts of Melchor area where he was found by residents of the area who then called the police in Melchor and reported of finding an individual. At the time of discovering his body he had his jewellery, his wallet and even his passport on him. So it is eliminating certain things having found those properties of his on him. We ourselves we can only go as far as walking through with second hand information, second hand intelligence, we cannot be out here on the ground carrying our any investigation but on our side we are still looking at and interviewing those people who were along with him the morning when he was found dead.”

Two other individuals were allegedly with Chan in Melchor. They told Police they left him there at around nine-thirty on Friday night. Chan died a violent death, similar to his mother who was found hacked to death on the Green Gold Banana Farm in January 2014. According to Police, Chan had no Police record and was not known as a troublemaker.

5 year old Holy Redeemer student dies in traffic accident
Apr 22, 2014

Akeela Wade

There was another tragic loss of life two days into the Easter weekend and it involved yet another school-aged child. Sometime after five p.m., five year old Akeela Wade met her untimely death when a scooter she was riding on along with two other family members slammed into the rear wheel of a Progressive Shuttle bus. While police continue to investigate who is responsible for the traffic fatality, the family of the infant one student at Holy Redeemer Primary School is grieving the loss of their loved one. What is known so far is that Wade was returning to her house after swimming at a pool with some relatives. She was along with nineteen year old Visiona Carcamo and her fifteen year old sister, Kelsey Peyrefitte, on a Honda Elite scooter. At the intersection of Douglas Jones and North Front Streets, the scooter collided into the left rear wheel of the bus. Peyrefitte sustained large cut wounds to the knee and abrasions, while Carcamo received a cut wound to the right side of the face, a broken shoulder and abrasions. Wade, unfortunately, was injured to the head and body and died minutes later at the hospital. News Five spoke with Akeela mother, who says that she was at her salon when she got word of the accident.


Cynthia Meighan, Mother of Deceased

Cynthia Meighan

“My nephew called me and told me Auntie, you have to come and go to the hospital because they take Chelsey to the hospital. I was like Chelsey, but I know Chelsey wasn’t on the cycle. I know it was my daughter-in-law, my other daughter and my granddaughter. I know they were the ones that borrowed the cycle to go to the pool. I rushed over to the hospital and I saw my daughter with her knee all torn up and thing. And I asked her what happened and she told me mommy I noh remember nothing; ih say I noh remember nothing. I asked her where is Visiona and where is my granddaughter because I thought it was my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law. I asked the nurses where are they and nobody was answering me. I ask them again and they said the doctor has to talk to me. So I say, why the doctor has to tell me, is one of them dead? A nurse came to me and asked me, how old is the baby? I said the baby is one. What is the baby name? I said Eyana because really and truly I thought it was my grandbaby that was in that accident. I called my son, the boyfriend of Visiona and I said, son, yo have to come over to the hospital because Visiona and Kesey and the baby ketch ina di accident.  In less than fifteen minutes my son was there and he say mom, dah noh Eyana deh ina di hospital….that it is not my grandbaby that is in the hospital. So I say weh yo mean dah noh Eyana because I know dah only Visiona, Kelsey and Eyana dah di one weh stop dah my shop and make I know that they were going to the pool to bathe. So when he tell me ma dah Akeela deh in there. I mean dah noh nothing nice when ih tell me that dah Akeela dah the one weh deh in there. And the reason why I feel it so much is because Akeela dah noh biologically mine. I got Akeela from her mom at the age of three months. And I told that girl that I want to take Akeela and give her a better life. Akeela was a very jovial, warmhearted, loving child. I mean everybody that Akeela come in contact with, everybody was so into Akeela.”

Peyrefitte and Carcamo, according to Meighan, are still traumatized from the accident. Both were discharged, but this morning, Carcamo was readmitted to the K.H.M.H. The bus was driven at the time by forty-four year old Eyeon Anthony Bermudez. 

Channel 5 blocked from covering 2014 Cross Country Cycling Classic
Apr 22, 2014

And now to an unfortunate issue close to home; Channel Five has covered the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic for twenty-three years, but disappointingly, the tradition was broken this year. We regret that we were not able to bring to our viewers at home as well as regionally and internationally, the energy of the anticipated live broadcast of this major event as well as the side events. Despite every effort to get a level playing field as other media houses, the Dion Leslie led Cycling Federation of Belize demanded that we pay an excessive financial amount, much more than any other media house, to cover the event….and that did not even include the thousands of dollars in aerial and terrestrial footage as well as prizes that we have continuously provided. In the end, tried as we did, the Federation had taken the decision to block this station from the live broadcast as well as from attaining coverage for our Sports Monday, despite our long years of covering all cycling events. Tonight, James Adderly looks back at our history with the Cycling Association and how we reached this juncture under Leslie’s Federation.


James Adderly, Sportscaster

James Adderly

“It all started in 1991, Krohn was then the manager & it was his brilliant idea for us to invest in the annual cross country, since it is the biggest one-day sporting spectacle; it was well received by the public. We decided in 2009, after doing it religiously every year to elevate our production to live coverage.  And in 2014, we decided to build on it. we would have gone the whole way live bringing living color living personalities doing living things on their machine. Unfortunately we were denied that opportunity in 2014. I am disappointed in this Dion Leslie-led Federation to have brought us to this juncture.  The fact is we have keep the sport visible and introduce them to the stars and whenever there is an event like the cross country; we have done a yeoman’s work in terms of trying to make a presentation. We produce very good promotional material, we also usually produce the race to the garland which not only brings the riders in to the living room but it shows the team concept and gives them different aspect of cycling, what a cycling race is really all about.  The Belize Cycling Federation has always approached Great Belize Productions with the need for this media house to pay the anti doping charges which comes up to six thousand five hundred dollars.  In 2012, we opted to buy the second place prize and in 2013 we would give five thousand dollars for the anti doping to cycling federation. The highest anybody else paid was one thousand five hundred dollars, mathematics don’t lie. You can’t single out Channel Five because you think we are making a lot of money.  Our C.E.O. offered two thousand dollars to the cycling federation. They rejected it out of hand. All Channel Five was trying to look for was to have a level playing field and we think and we don’t think we’re mistaken that we have contributed to the sport, immensely every race we bring it to the television viewer. They say we get advertisement, but lawd I guess they don’t know how the television works. So, we didn’t get the level playing field, the decision was made by the executives that we would not participate but the decision had already been made by the cycling federation of Belize that they would not allow Channel Five to be a part of this 2014 cross country cycle classic. They had lawyers; they had police, all that was aimed at Channel Five. I think that was excessive.  A twenty-three year old tradition, of bringing the best in cycling to the Belizeans in their home were denied to them.”

We’ll have more on our weekly sports segment coming up later in our newscast.

U.S. expert to investigate the killing of a Guatemalan national in Chiquibul
Apr 22, 2014

On March twenty-ninth, Guatemalan Tomas Ramirez was shot and killed inside Belizean territory. Reports are that a joint B.D.F. and Police Patrol came under fire by a group of men. They returned fire and Ramirez was killed. For the purposes of diplomacy and confidence building, the incident occurred at the worst possible time. Facing heat from their Guatemalan counterparts, Belizean officials have committed to an intensive, comprehensive investigation, with swift justice if anyone is found culpable in Ramirez’s death. Prensa Libre headlines on Monday trumpeted the news that the FBI had been called in to assist in the investigation, assisted by Canadian Police. It seems like going above and beyond, so today News Five asked Minister of Foreign Affairs for confirmation. He told us it’s not true, but there is an American investigator arriving in Belize today to investigate what has become a high priority incident. 


Wilfred Elrington, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Wilfred Elrington

“The government of Belize had agreed that we would try to seek, to obtain the assistance of an expert from the United States to help us in investigating the incident involving the shooting of the Guatemalan in the Chiquibul. We have in fact gotten a response from the United States government; as a matter in fact, they have recommended a man by the name of James Edward Hamdi, PhD., who is the Director of the International Forensics Science Laboratory and Training Center in the United States. He works with the CARSI program and has been to Belize before and will be assisting the Belize Police in conducting the investigation. It is an investigation that is already ongoing, headed by Senior Superintendent Moody of the Belize Police Force. The intention is to make it absolutely clear that we are taking a very professional attitude towards this investigation; that we are being completely transparent; that we have nothing to hide and that we want the world to know that we are doing all in our power to make sure that the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident are made clear and properly determined. So that the D.P.P. or the Commissioner of Police may take whatever actions the facts deem necessary.”

Mike Rudon

“Sir can you give us an idea of what, prior to the entry of this investigator, what has been the relationship with your Guatemalan counterparts since the shooting? Have they been on the same part as Belize; just wanting to investigate this and getting to the bottom of this, but all things remain calm?”

Wilfred Elrington

“Umm, well when people die, especially at the hands of the military where, in whatever part of the world, it is always a worrying occurrence and countries try their best to avoid this sort of incidence. And given the history as it relates to the Belize Defence Force and people who have been coming across in search of a living, we immediately knew that we had to treat the matter very seriously.”