Corozal Community College Wins Bandfest 2013


Corozal Community College is vindicated and wins the 2013 Belize Bandfest.

Corozal Community College (CCC) has won the Bandfest 2013 Competition taking first place in the top category of Drum and Wind Instruments Band. It also won Best Choreographed Band, and Most Popular Brand Category. The competition that took place in the City Of Belmopan today, vindicated CCC who most observers believe was cheated out of first place in the 2012 competition that took place on their home turf Corozal Town.

Third place went to the San Jose Succotz Festival Drum Corps that has won three previous band fests. Second place went to the Benque Viejo Drum Corps. Both Succotz and Benque Viejo hail from the west.

For the first time an international judge panel headed by Dr. Jeff Bright from Western Kentucky University in the U.S.A. was invited to bring some order to the not highly regarded local judging process. Observers say that this year the judging was fair and reflected the different strengths and weaknesses of the 16 high school bands that took part.

Corozal Community College, like in 2012,  was consistent in its superior color and design of uniforms, choreography, music and energy. The other bands did not impress with their costumes, which inexplicably in a tropical country at the height of of summer with 94 degree temperature, were generally dark colors. The exception was the new Belmopan Youth Drum Crops. The Belmopan crew came in with cool penguin colors, white shirts and black pants. Nevertheless, they took first place in the best uniforms category.

The show was stolen by special guests from Honduras. Banda Marcial San Isidro from La Ceiba Honduras wowed the spectators with spectacular music, a full complement of wind instruments, precision formation marching, and cool and airy uniforms befitting the tropical hot weather. The visiting Hondurans set the bar for what Belizean marching bands should aim agreed the commentators covering the event.

Another special guest this year was Secretary of State for the U.S. state of Illinois Jessie White who brought along his tumblers to add a new entertainment feature to the event.

This year’s Bandfest was not without controversy. For the first time it was held on the immaculate green of the country’s only FIFA certified football pitch. This much to the consternation of football fans who would attend a friendly international match between Trinidad and Belize later in the night. The original venue of the football match, the MCC gounds in Belize City, was rejected by the visiting team. The football pitch at the MCC grounds you see, has been damaged almost beyond repair by recent musical concerts and parades.

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