Belize Government Directory

New Administration Building City of Belmopan office of the Belize Cabinet

The following is a directory of Belize Government Members of the Cabinet, their portfolios, and ministry contact information, including mailing address, telephone, fax, email and websites were available. Information updated as of 2 February 2014.

Attorney General’s Ministry HON. WILFRED PETER ELRINGTON Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. Chief Executive Officer – Alexis Rosado General Office: (501) 822-3789 / 822-0519 2nd Floor Nemo Building and Ground Floor East Block Building Fax: (501) 822-3390 Website:  822-3789 Fax: (501) 822-2854 E-mail: Ministry of Foreign Trade General Office: 1st Floor Sir Edney Cain Building Tel: (501) 822-2832/ 822-2833 Fax: (501) 822-2837 Website: Solicitor General Tel: (501) 822-2154 Fax: (501) 822-3390 Email:

Ministry of Finance HON. DEAN O. BARROW Prime Minister and Minister of Finance OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER Chief Executive Officer: Ms. Audrey Wallace. Cabinet Secretary – Carlos Perdomo 2nd Floor Sir Edney Cain Building Telephone: 501-822-2345 Fax: 501-822-0898 Website: Financial Secretary – Mr. Joseph Waight Telephone: 501-822-2344 Fax: 501-822-2886

Ministry of Health HON. PABLO MARIN Minister of Health Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Peter Allen Director of Health Services: Minister’s Office: Tel: 501-822-0589 General Office: 2nd Floor East Block Building Belmopan: Tel: (501) 822-2497/822-2068/822-2059 Fax: (501) 822-2942/822-2055 Email: or senior Website:

Ministry of Housing & Urban Development HON. MICHAEL FINNEGAN Minister of Housing and Urban Development. Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Lawrence Sylvester 1st Sir Edney Cain Building General Office: Belmopan: Tel: 501-822 1039/822-0146 Fax: 501-822-3337 Email: Administrative Officer: Tel: 501-822-2425 Finance Officer: Tel: 501-822-2424

Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation HON. ANTHONY MARTINEZ Minister of Human Development and Social Transformation. Minister of State Mark King. Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Judith Alpuche Tel: 501-822-2246 Minister’s Office: Belmopan- Tel: 501-822-2248 Email: General Office: Belmopan: Ground Floor West Block Building Tel: 501-822- 2161/822-2684 Fax: 501-822-3175 Finance Officer: Tel: 501-822-2637

Ministry of Police and National Security HON. JOHN SALDIVAR. Chief Executive Officer- Mr. George Lovell. General Office: Curl Thompson Building Belmopan 822-2231, 822-2817 Fax: 822-2195 E-mail:

Ministry of Immigration, Labour, Local Government and Rural Development HON. GODWIN HULSE  Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Candelaria Saldivar. General Office: 6/8 Trinity Boulevard Belmopan Tel: 501-822-2297 Fax: 501-822-0156 Email: Director: 501-822-3990

Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment HON. GASPAR VEGA Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Beverly Castillo Tel: 501-822-2630 Email: Minister’s Office: 501-822-3286 Email: General Office: Belmopan Tel: 501-822-2249/822-2711/822-2232/822-2226/822-2307/822-2626 Fax: 501-822-2333/822-208 Policy Unit: Tel: 501-822-3412/822-2082 Email: or

Ministry of Public Service, Governance Improvement and Elections & Boundaries HON. CHARLIE GIBSON Minister of Public Service, Governance Improvement and Elections & Boundaries Department Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Marion McNab Ground Floor Sir Edney Cain Building Telephone: +(501)822-2204/05, 822-3765, 822-0929, 822-2230 Fax: +(501)822-2206 Email:

Ministry of Energy, Science, Public Utilities, Transport, Communications and National Emergency Management, HON. JOY GRANT Minister of Public Utilities, Transport, Communications and National Emergency Management Chief Executive Officer – Colin Young Public Utilities Commission. Office: Market Street, City Of Belmopan Tel:501-822-0160 Email: Website:

Ministry of Tourism and Culture HON. JOSE MANUEL HEREDIA Ministry of Tourism, and Culture Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Tracey Panton Ministry of Tourism: General Office: Tel: (501) 227-2801/822-2802 Fax: (501) 227-2810 Departments Tel: 501- 227-2420 Fax: 501- 227-2423 Website: Belize Tourism Industry Association: Tel: 501-227-1144 Fax: 501-227-8710 Email: Website:

Ministry of Works HON. RENE MONTERO Minister of Works and Transport. Minister of State Edmond Castro. Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Errol Gentle Goff Telephone: (501) 822-2131 Fax: (501) 822-2298 E-mail: Minister’s Office Tel: 501-822-2138 General Office Tel: 501-822-2136/822-2139 Fax: 501-822-3282

Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Indigenous People HON. LISELLE ALAMILLA Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Wendel Parham Tel: (501) 822-2330 Email: General Office: 2nd Floor West Block Building Tel: (501) 822-2241/822-2242/822-2243 Fax: (501) 822-2409 or Show Grounds: Tel: (501) 822-1282/822-1283 Website: