Lucky tourist gets into the carnival J’ouvert action in Belize City.

There are so many things to do in Belize that it is hard to come up with a short list. But we have some of the more popular and fun things to do here as recommended by our readers. Cave tube down an underground river once used by the ancient Maya. Explore dozens of inland cities, towns and villages and sample local culture, scenery, cuisine and historic sights. Lounge out by the beach, SCUBA dive or just snorkel – the Barrier reef extends the entire coast of the country making for protected waters and teeming sights unmatched in the Western Hemisphere. The country is big on eco tourism and conservation and is home the world’s first Jaguar Preserve and has over a dozen conservation parks.


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One of the most popular activities especially for those on a short visit, for example those on a Caribbean cruise, is cave tubing. Checkout these articles: Cave Tubing in Belize Contributed by Major Tom.

SCUBA anyone? Here is a SCUBA report from Ambergris Caye you and another from Belize’s Turneffe Island that you may like. We have another general report on Belize SCUBA Diving. Check out this video on diving the Blue Hole.

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Didn’t believe we had any whales? This item on Whale Watching may pique your interest. How about Bird Watching? We have more 587 species of birds in here – and this does not include those that migrate from North America to holiday here during the winter – locals call them Christmas Birds. For those interested in eco tourism and conservation look at our Eco Tourism page for a quick summary of our efforts in this area. In this video you can see a baby whale shark chasing a diver – for his bubbles!

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Archaeology is one of our main attractions. We have dozens of impressive sites once occupied by the ancient Mayan Civilization. One of the most interesting on display at our museum is the Altun Ha Jade Head. Another interesting (and fun) site is the Cave’s Branch Cave, also known as by it’s original (and tongue twisting) Mayan name Nohoch Che’en Reserve.

Nightlife. Listing all the bars and nightclubs would not be practical. In Belize city check out the strip that is on Princess Margaret drive in the neighborhood of the Princess casino. See also Belize At Night. It would be a good idea to ask your travel planner, hotel manager or cabbies to recommend the best night spots depending on where you are staying and what is your interest. Some visitors make want to visit our local Casinos. Travel writer Lan Sluder has a List of interesting things to do – including bar hopping. The video below of one of the more popular bands in here, the Gilharry Seven will give you a taste of the local party scene.

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